Photo Friday: An Excuse to Not Make the Bed

I usually don’t jump out of bed and then make it. There is some time for relaxing and enjoying a cup of coffee. During that time at least one cat will often decide to nap on the bed. Three cats sleeping on the bed when I need to make it is rare and a good reason to put off the task.

Of course, I can never put it off until the next day so I guess it is not very helpful.


28 thoughts on “Photo Friday: An Excuse to Not Make the Bed

  1. onespoiledcat

    I had to start making the bed when we got out of it OR we wouldn’t get the bed made until afternoon thanks to “Sleeping Orange Beauty”…….the other side of the story is, there’s no rule that says beds must be made the instant they become vacated by the humans! Cats know this rule obviously!


  2. lois

    It’s weird–our cats wait for us to get into bed at night, so they can join us. But during the day, they never even go into our room.

  3. Summer

    Why do other cats enjoy napping on the bed when there is no human in it? I only sleep on the bed when my human’s there – when she gets up, I do too. My napping happens in other parts of the house.


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