Photo Friday: Classic Flying Holly

I dug into the archives and found a couple of photos I took nine years ago yesterday. This is Holly who lives with my sister-in-law, Felice. Holly is the original bad cat and my wife and I always wanted to take her home when we would go there to visit. That was before we got Chris and found out how much work a naughty cat can be.

Holly loved jumping and catching pieces of paper or toy mice.

I have not visited in a while but I believe Holly is still doing well. She is several years older than Chris but she did not put on the weight like Chris did.

I featured Holly several times on my blog, Just Fur Laughs. Click here for an example of one of my favorites.


35 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Classic Flying Holly

  1. onespoiledcat

    Goodness – she’s a champion jumper! Believe it or not at 25 lbs. Teddy loves to jump too – he gets some pretty good height in his jumps too for a big guy – must have good springs in his legs! HAHA

    Hugs, Pam

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      That’s great. Chris is about 20 pounds now and he does not jump too much anymore. I know he still can jump but now he wants me to pick him up and put him on my lap.

  2. Doug Thomas

    Charles, seeing Holly, I can see why you’d love to have kidnapped her! She’s beautiful and a delight! Of course, I am biased toward tabby cats, though my current kitty is a smoke Persian. His mother, however, was a tabby-marked Persian and I occasionally pick out hints of that pattern in Andy’s fur. I’ve found tabby cats to be a bit inclined toward super hero-ness. This link takes you to a post on my blog where you learn about Louie “Call Me Captain Me-Ow” Thomas, my late ginger tabby.

    onespoiledcat – Louie weighed about half a pound less than Teddy. He was a jumper, too, making some amazing distances for so much cat. He also thought he was a lap kitty, making having a pillow on my lap the rule of the day after the first time he did it. Once, he hopped on my lap and put us back on the floor since I was in a computer chair at the time.


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