Cat Grass Fever

I used to think cat grass was a perineal, like regular grass, and that I was just somehow terrible at keeping it growing. Now I realize that it is not like regular grass and will always die after a few weeks. I don’t know for sure but knowing how everything centers around money in America, I assume the seeds are picked less for the cat’s benefit and more for the benefit of the company’s bottom line.

After my last batch of cat grass died I just left the pot outside for several months. I had no desire to try again but I was cleaning out my shed and noticed a half-used bag of cat grass seeds and decided to give it another go. I knew it wouldn’t last but I still thought it would be worth it for the cats’ sake.

After a week or two the grass was tall enough to bring in for the cats.

As expected, Chris was the king of the grass-eating with Frankie a close second. Floki seemed to show just a mild curiosity. I guess I need to accept the realty and just replant the cat grass every so often.

What about you? Do your cats like cat grass?


28 thoughts on “Cat Grass Fever

  1. onespoiledcat

    Teddy eats our lawn grass whenever he wants some – although in Winter he’s not outside and/or the grass is covered with ice or snow. I tried cat grass once with Sammy and once with Teddy and neither of them were interested – they just prefer “people grass” I guess!!


  2. easyweimaraner

    that’s a super cute photo for easter… my uncle laughed like a horse as we came with a pot with cat gras as a christmas gift for his cat… but he stopped to laugh as his cat used the fab big pot as litter box…ha!

  3. franhunne4u

    Kessy wants her “salad” morning and evening. And we could just go to the DIYstore and buy regular grass seed and plant it in a shallow container, filled with some substrate.

  4. 15andmeowing

    I recently grew some for my cats I thought I was a bad gardener because it always dies, good to know it is not me. Cute video.

  5. Marv, Jo Jo, Kozmo, Cinnamon and Barb

    When I moved to an apartment in Vancouver, Nellie missed being able to go outside and eat grass and I discovered that a local grocery store sold wheat grass. She loved it (and so my house plants would not get chomped) I continued to buy the wheat grass. Fast forward to moving back to Midway, no local stores sell wheat grass and this winter we have had too much snow and the cats were grazing on my houseplants. I started growing wheat grass. We are on our second batch (They take about a week to get tall enough to eat and they last about 5 weeks) I figure I will grow about 2 more pots before summer. I am amazed at how much the 3 eat!

  6. Doug Thomas

    I get tired of restarting cat grass. Once, in an experiment, I replanted a little lawn grass and brought it inside. “Thia should last!” I thought. Well, or not! I think it needed more sun than it got inside, but my kitty boys got a bit of fun and grass to much for the short time it survived. Here’s a video of them playing with the grass:

  7. iamthesunking

    Louis Catorze once puked up a whole sprig of mint, complete with leaves and buds. I don’t imagine this will surprise you one bit.

  8. David

    My cats love grass. I tell them not to overgraze. In a matter of 5-6 weeks, it’s time to replant. Lately, I’ve been remiss in my grass-planting responsibility. I’ll have to get cracking on it.


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