Preparing to Move

Everything is progressing in the process of us purchasing a home in West Virginia although I won’t say it’s going smoothly. It seems every other day they want a new piece of paperwork that proves one thing or disproves something else. The most recent request is something we gave them weeks ago but they are too lazy or incompetent to look through what they have. Because of that, they delayed the closing by five days but we are still on schedule to head up there as planned on the first Saturday of November.

As mentioned in a previous post, I bought two cat crates, put the big crate together, and several days later I assembled the smaller crate. I left them in the house with the hopes that the cats would get used to them. It worked. I put the small crate on top of the big crate and I have seen Chris napping in both.

He especially likes the smaller one for some reason.

Frankie and Floki are more likely to be seen near or on top of the crates.

We also wanted them to have water during the trip but a water bowl is not possible so I bought a couple of water bottles like you would have for a gerbil. I have read that cats will drink from a water bottle but, of course, they probably have to learn what a water bottle is first. I put water in one of them and put it in the smaller crate. I turned the nozzle forward so that nobody will lose an eye during a hard brake. I don’t think anyone has noticed it is there yet.

We have been packing for the move but are only taking some things because we plan on coming back to Florida. Even so, it seems like a full move. Wednesday I took the bed apart in our spare bedroom because we are taking that bed and because we needed room for boxes. When I did, Frankie jumped on top of the mattress and Chris was clawing at it like he wanted to get up there with Frankie but couldn’t.

I felt bad because when Chris was young and slim he could get onto places that our other cats wouldn’t attempt (I will post some examples at the end of this post). Rose suggested I build him “stairs” and I thought that was a great idea so I did.

Once Chris realized he had a way up he wasted no time getting on top of the mattress. I think he even took a nap up there.

Of course, Floki also discovered that laying on a flipped up mattress was pretty cool.

I am not looking forward to a two-day drive in a moving truck with cats between us while towing a car. We then have to inspect the house when we get there before letting the cats out because we have never seen it in person and need to make sure there isn’t anywhere a cat might get stuck or get out. I think we could use all the luck we can get.

Here are some posts from Chris’s prime when he could jump.

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42 thoughts on “Preparing to Move

  1. onespoiledcat

    Having a sister who lives in W. Virginia may I say that things move to a different beat than almost anywhere else I’ve visited (!). Don’t expect anything to happen quickly that’s for sure. LOL I hope you love your new home – this is a huge adventure for you, Rose and the “boys” and I hope the trip goes smooth as silk. Just take your time and enjoy the views. New starts in new places can be very tiring but also very invigorating!!


  2. claire93

    good luck with the move! It’s always a bit stressful, when moving with animals, but a good idea to let them get used to travel crates beforehand, and they’ll have the familar furniture in the new home when you arrive which will help them to settle in more quickly.

  3. Timmy Tomcat

    We loved all the shots of “Ariel” Chris. So glad to see the other furs are still so curious and we think it will be an easier move than you think. Great idea to check the new house. Make sure you check closets an basement/attic too but we think you know that.
    Our fellows are getting a bit older too but Timmy is lean and still likes to jump up onto the fireplace mantle albeit from the kitchen table to the China cabinet and then around the corner to the mantle. Then he hops down via cat tree to TV stand to ground. Rumpy still leaps from the credenza to the top of the armoire where he holds court and Miss Fitz likes the top of my tall dresser which she leaps to from the low one. Until she found the heated bed this year which by de facto is hers.
    I was in RE for some years more on the renovation and rental property side and Realtors can be idiots. At that time 5% of them made 90% of the commissions (as many fields) which drove that home. They were fun to play with though.
    Have a good trip

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      Thanks so much. The Realtor seems pretty good but the mortgage company needs to be better at their jobs. Frankie is only two years younger than Chris but he has not gained weight like Chris has so he still has no problem jumping.

  4. 15andmeowing

    That was nice of you to help Chris get up on the mattress. Wishing you the best of luck and hoping all the kitties stay safe.

      1. iamthesunking

        He is, although it takes one worry off your minds! Good luck with the move. Hope everything goes well. 😊

  5. David

    I know these mortgage guys can be a real pain when ask for paperwork you already gave them. When we took out a construction loan for the new barn, the lender kept asking for the same piece of paper over and over again. The mortgage loan for North Ranch was smoother than I expected, but the lender did ask twice on two different pieces of paper.

    Safe journey on the move.

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      Thanks. I used to work for printing company. We would design something for customers and so many of them would ask for a copy of the design because they list it. These are things like logos that you would think would be too important to lose.


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