The Inspectors

My wife is into mermaids and saw a dresser on Offer Up that she had to have. We went by the store after my grandson’s first birthday party on Saturday but we were too late. Someone had bought it but had not yet picked it up. After a phone call or two, the buyer agreed to take a different dresser so we were free to buy the mermaid one. Rose paid for it but we had to go home and get my car to pick it up.

I went back without Rose and the store clerk removed the drawers and we carried it outside. I would have put the drawers back in before putting it in my car but she seemed not to want to do that. I assumed that she felt it would be too heavy with the extra weight so I respected that and we put it through the hatchback without the drawers. I had enough room for two drawers in the front seat so I brought it home three drawers shy.

Of course everyone had to investigate. Frankie went high and Chris went low. I put the center drawer in but Chris was lying where the bottom drawer went so I left that out and went to get the other drawers. While I was gone Rose took a photo of all three of the cats on, or in, the dresser.

Here is what it looks like put together. I guess the middle drawer was not the middle drawer. You can also see I wasn’t lying about Rose being into mermaids.

On another note, I have a vet appointment for Frankie this morning to get him microchipped. I suppose, just like with Floki, I will be forced to pay for an examination too since he has never been to that vet and because they can’t make a decent profit on a microchip.

There is a reason Rose bought this dresser and I want all the cats microchipped. I will talk about that soon on another post.


23 thoughts on “The Inspectors

  1. onespoiledcat

    Pretty color ! Many years ago when I lived in Clearwater, my sister-in-law at the time was a mermaid at Weeki-Wachi which I’m not sure is even still around. She loved the job and it was a beautiful show.


    1. Charles Huss Post author

      That is very interesting. I vaguely remember my grandparents taking us to see the mermaid show back in the 70s. The place is owned by Florida State Parks now and I think they still do the mermaid show but maybe not now during this COVID thing.

  2. easyweimaraner

    oh we love it! how great that the customer was so nice to give it to you, that’s a lot of luck… seems this world is good sometimes too ;O) we are afraid you will get the exam, we never left the vet without, even for the dna test, they did the whole procedere… but I’m glad that they made sure my dog will survive the huge intervention to lick at a cotton stick ;O))))

  3. 15andmeowing

    Your grandson is already 1-seems like last week you told us he was born, time flies. That is a nice dresser- I can see the cats approve.

  4. David

    It appears your crew approved the new dresser. I hope they didn’t put any scratches to it on the first night. Years ago, I bought a new, ready-to-assemble entertainment center. The center was half assembled when Pebbles decided she wanted to check the view from the top. Dino decided he wanted to do the same and joined her in checking out the view. They had a spat, a little hiss from Pebbles and she jumped down leaving a scratch on the new center. The episode fell into the category of “we can’t have anything nice.”


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