Unusual Cat

Chris is unique. That is why I started this blog about him. Many cats like attention but not many cats demand it as much as Chris does. And no cat that I have ever seen, other that Chris, wants to be hugged.

Maybe I’m wrong. Does your cat ever want to be hugged?

By the way, pay no attention to my disheveled hair and ugly glasses. I actually clean up nicer than that when I go out.


21 thoughts on “Unusual Cat

  1. onespoiledcat

    He really does want 100% of you……it’s sweet – he’s always liked biting your nose hasn’t he! LOL Sammy was a huggy boy – he’d put his arms on each side of my neck and rub my chin with his head. Teddy doesn’t like being held PERIOD and doesn’t hop up on laps PERIOD. We had a big adjustment to make when we got him (hahahaha).

    Great little video…………..
    Hugs, Pam

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      Chris will lie anybody’s lap. Frankie will only lie on my lap. Floki will occasionally lie on my lap but very rarely. He also seeks attention from Rose but only in the early morning hours.

  2. caren gittleman

    well Chris and Cody are similar, Cody LOVES being hugged and LOVES having his belly rubbed/petted……….when he was a kitten and was neutered, the Vet Techs nicknamed him “Cuddlebug” because all he wanted to do was cuddle with everyone. To a large extent he is still like that

  3. Dennis

    Lol, Chris is definitely needy! My cat knows too how to get attention but I don’t think she goes as far as Chris 😀 Sitting on my lap when I work on the PC, she’s sometimes giving me a headbutt if I stop to per her. She’s not a very talkative cat unless she wants attention, then she can become talkative. If nothing works, she will do the death stare from another place, like a statue, no movement, just staring me to death. These are her strategies. 🙂

    What I find cool is that it’s easy to find out if she wants her next portion of food during the day. She’s moving the bowls, they’re in the corridor where I have a tile floor, which means I hear it if she moves the bowls across the corridor lol. It means “Dude, come over here, time for a new portion!”.

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      Moving the food bowls is very creative. Chris will sit or lie next to the food bowls and talk to me when I come into the room. He wants to make sure I know he is there waiting.

      1. Dennis

        Yeah, good point… my cat is doing that too. There are a couple of methods how she will tell me. They’re like us… we’re often hungry at regular times, but we can also get hungry outside of these times… they too. It’s good when pets found their ways to tell us when that time has come.


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