Don’t You Dare Take My Laundry!

It is nearly impossible to bring laundry inside and fold it before one or more cats choose to lie on top of it.

The other day I had to pull clothing out from under Chris one at a time. Each piece resulted in a corresponding growl from Chris until he finally grabbed my arm with both paws and bit my hand while kicking my arm with his back feet. I guess that laundry was important to him.


30 thoughts on “Don’t You Dare Take My Laundry!

  1. Summer

    My human puts the laundry that needs to be folded on the bathroom counter (it’s long!), and immediately gets to folding it and putting it away. We never get a chance to enjoy it.

  2. foguth

    At least Chris kept it in sight…. Katsu swiped socks whenever he helped with the laundry… we thought the washer was ‘eating’ them… after several weeks, we moved the cat playhouse to clean and discovered he’d made a big nest of socks in it…. He is no longer allowed to assist with the laundry.

  3. carrylovescats

    Laser’s favourite spot on the bed coincides with the place i dump the laundry to put it away. She always grumbles when she finds her spot is taken or I dump everything beside her.


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