Photo Friday: Chris Being Chris

On my last Photo Friday post, I showed you what closeness looks like around here without Chris. This is what it looks like with Chris.

Cats Chris and Frankie

Do you have a pet that does this?



37 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Chris Being Chris

  1. onespoiledcat

    While I have had multiple cats in my life, since I married David we’ve only had “onesies” – Sammy would lie on/next to my leg all the time for naps – Ted is not like that at all. When I DID have four cats at one point, they would frequently ALL be on the bed for naps but not “piled up”…..I think this is adorable though – Chris is a snuggler!


  2. jebusandandrea

    I wish! Jiminy wants to cuddle Chewie. Chewie doesn’t like to cuddle much. They chase and like to groom each other. Chewie has needy humans and a needy cat for him. Sometimes when Jiminy wants to cuddle with Chewie, Chewie gives him the evil eye and Jiminy runs to me for a head rub. Jiminy is skittish and very shy. He’s doing really good but still very shy and I’m so happy he likes me enough that I like coming in 2nd to Chewie. Wish I had a lap cat, miss my lap cats.

  3. weggieboy

    Aw! How charming! Of course ginger cats always are charmers, I think. I’ve had one, and he, of course, was a charmer! And lap cat, though he was a huge cat at almost 24 pounds!

          1. weggieboy

            That was an interesting story! It sounded a lot like my experience with my late Louie the ginger cat. He was very aggressive toward other cats, but very loving and friendly. toward people.

  4. cat9984

    If they are on the bed, Kommando will sleep with her head on Snoops’ back. In “public” they only sleep next to each other if the house is chilly.


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