Remembering Puck

Our sudden loss of Puck on Thursday made me think about all the happy times we had with him. Sure, the pooping and peeing we had to deal with lately was not pleasant but that was nothing more than a symptom of his illness and perhaps some territorial disputes that were not Puck’s fault.  Even during those “bad” times, he remained a good cat.  I think he might have even become more affectionate. Puck was the first cat that we introduced to the family after I started this blog so I have a good resource to look back on his life.

Puck was a rescue kitten that My sister-in-law, Felice, bottle fed when he was very young. We visited Felice a couple of weeks before we adopted him (with no intentions of adopting a kitten at the time) and I took photos of a couple of kittens she was taking care of. The following photos are the first pictures of Puck that I have. These were taken on September 1, 2012.

One of our cats, Abbey, was sick at the time of liver failure and passed away a week or so later. Puck just happened to reach the age when it was safe for him to be adopted at the same time. It seemed a bit insensitive to replace Abbey before we had time to mourn her but Puck, who was nicknamed Chowman at the time because of his love for food, needed a home and we had one to give.

We introduced Puck in exactly the way you are not supposed to introduce a new cat, but we have always been bad about that. Fortunately, Tigger didn’t pay much attention and Chris was happy to have someone new in the house.

Puck hid under the bed but was easily lured out with food.

Chris greets Puck as he comes out for food.

Puck soon proved himself to be capable of handling Chris’s domineering playfulness and Chris learned that what goes around, comes around.

Puck also would play fetch when he was young.

And he enjoyed a good game of solitare.

He turned out to be the best behaved cat we ever had (not counting his litter box issues lately). He never bothered anyone or scratched where he shouldnt or tear up the blinds or anything like that, although he would sometimes follow Chris into the land of trouble.

Bad Cat Chris and Puck on top of the Cabinets


Cats in drawer

I would say Chris and Puck were best friends but I think it was more like a father and son relationship. I think Chris took Puck under his wing when Puck was a kitten and that relationship continued until the end.

Our cats, Chris and Puck, napping together


Bad Cat Chris and Puck outside.


Bad Cat Chris and Puck

Our cats Chris and Puck napping together.

Cats Chris and Puck lying together


Puck and Chris did fight occasionally but it was always playful fighting. They were our only two cats that never fought each other to the point of hissing, growling and fur flying. In fact, the last couple of years I don’t recall them in any kind of fight.

Puck never tried to escape but he did love going outside. Unfortunatly, when we moved into our current home he needed to wear a harness. The first time I put it on him and opened the door, a car drove by and freaked him out and he never wanted to go out again. He did get to experience our new catio for a few days (which I still need to write about).

Puck had some favorite spots in the house, among them was on top of the cabinet where he needed my help to reach. He would stand on the kitchen cart (or whatever it is called) and look at me in a certain way while he opened his mouth to let out the quietest of meows. I knew what he wanted and leaned over so he could jump on my sholders. I then walked a coulpe of paces to the china cabinet where he jumped off. He liked it up there because sometimes he just didn’t want to be bothered. I made the mistake of helping Floki up there once or twice and Puck was not happy about it.

The last year or so he found himself at the vet quite a bit. First it was excessive licking. He actually licked off a large portion of his fur.

After at least three vet visits it finally cleared up after changing his flea medication. Appearently he had fleas even though nobody ever saw any on him.

After that is when his bladder problems started and he ended up at the vet six times for the same problem. He did not like the vet and would often hide behind me while we were in the exam room waiting for the vet.

Puck was not happy to be there and wouldn't come out of his carrier.

Now that Puck is gone, we wonder how the other cats feel about it. He left the house without any of the cats even knowing there was a problem and he never returned. I don’t think Frankie and Floki care too much but I did see Chris wondering around the house Thursday evening. He would stop every few paces and look around. I felt so bad for him. I haven’t seen him do that lately so maybe he has accepted that he is gone.




54 thoughts on “Remembering Puck

      1. theressomethingaboutnancy

        oh yes, it sounds like it. I’m only sad because he’s not there anymore. The photos were lovely. I just can’t imagine if something happened to my Duffy. He was such a beautiful black cat. I appreciate you sharing the photos and the love with us. I loved the post and tribute to Puck.

  1. Rosemarie Huss

    Thanks honey for this memorial… I’m so happy that you always have your camera ready to document events. You are a fantastic daddy to our fur babies…puck was lucky to have you and we we’re lucky to have him bless our lives for a short time. ❤️❤️❤️

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  3. 15andmeowing

    Beautiful tribute to sweet Puck. I am sure Chris is missing him ,I bet they all are, but show it in different ways.

  4. elizabetcetera

    I cannot believe Puck is gone. Seriously. I have a black cat myself and always appreciated you had one too. My eyes are welling up … I can only imagine how you feel.

    I’m sorry for the loss of your little buddy. ❤❣❤
    When Your Cat Dies: Gentle Tips to Heal Your Grieving Heart …

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      By the way, we had another black cat, Flash, who also died young. He did not make it to five. I’ve known of other black cats that lived very long lives so it is probably just a coincidence.

  5. caren gittleman

    I can’t click “like” because I am so sad about Puck. But I am so thankful that you shared these memories. A number of them I remember…………and it was good seeing them (reading about them). I love how Chris acted as the welcoming committee and how he took on a fatherly role. My heart just breaks because I am sure that Chris realizes he is gone. It just breaks my heart (((hugs)))

  6. databbiesotrouttowne

    This is a very nice tribute to Puck; it’s awesome how you documented his life with
    movies as well; Chris will miss him; cat’s grieve too, and like people, they do so in
    their “own way and in their own time”. Some extra hugs to him and the rest of the crew ♥♥

  7. Chirpy Cats

    These are really sweet memories of your boy and the important thing is he was loved and had a wonderful life with you and he fursibs.

    Again, so sorry for loss, it’s so hard when we love our fur babies so much and we do it all over again.

  8. indianacats

    This was a wonderful tribute and I really enjoyed the photos. It was also sad and I hope in time everyone will begin to feel better.

  9. 123mattyd

    A wonderful tribute Charles. I am so sorry for your loss, they are obviously all such a major part of your lives. We’ve seen quite a few cats come and go over the years and I’ve often wondered how they come to terms with the sudden disappearances. We lost our fat Siamese boy ‘Dave’ a couple of years ago to a car and as cruel as it might sound I brought him back home so that his sister might have some sort of understanding as to his fate. I’m not sure it made it any easier. I’m sure she still expects to find him one day.
    Keep up the great blog. Love the Catio btw

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      Thank you. I totally understand why you did what you did. I think it is bad for the other cats that Puck dissapeared without explanation. I’m sorry about Dave. That is sad.

  10. cat9984

    He and Chris were very cute together. We had two cats who both lived long lives. When the first one went, the second one definitely missed her.

  11. The Hinoeuma

    I’m so sorry.

    My Ollie loves fetch sometimes. He did it more a couple of years ago. He had red rings, some kind of oval thing with red plastic wrapped around it. He wanted it tossed so he could chase. He’d bring it right back to you.

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      That is funny when they do that. Flki does that here now. He will sometimes bring his mouse to my wife who will throw it and Floki will run after it and bring it back.


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