A look Back at 2017

2017 is gone but not forgotten. Many are happy to see it go but we have some good memories.

Floki was with us for six months in January and felt right at home getting on top of our china cabinet.

In February Frankie showed everyone his Houdini trick on escaping a cat harness.cat escaping harness


Puck was at the vet in March. I think this is when he started peeing outside the box, which he is still doing.
Puck at Vet

In April we had someone marking their territory on our cars.

cat Chris smelling tire cat Frankie smelling tire

In May we had a visit from a tabby mother and her two Siamese kittens.

feral tabby cat and Siamese kitten

They were still around in June.

stray cat stray cat and kitten stray kitten

Also in June, Puck was back at the vet.

Puck was not happy to be there and wouldn't come out of his carrier.

In July we got our Jackson Galaxy bed that Chris and Floki love . . .

cats and clamshell bed

and a water fountain that nobody used.

pet water fountain

We got Kitty-Kick-Stix in August.

kitty kick stix

September we evacuated for Hurricane Irma . . . twice.



Bad Cat Chris in car

We got new furniture in October that Puck peed on before we could use it.

In November we visited Aunt Felice’s cats (and Aunt Felice).

December we got another piece of furniture that Frankie scratched and Puck pooped on.

It also got cold in December and everyone decided to conserve body heat.

cats on bed

Some states for 2017 include:

Most viewed post – Are Ginger Cats Friendlier

This post was from 2013 and is still popular with 2907 views last year.

Views in order of country of origin:

United States, United Kingdom, France, Canada, Austrailia, Switzerland, India and The Philippines round off the top eight.

Most views in one day: 731

Happy Valentine’s Day

My wife is irritated that I am not helping to prepare for New Year’s Eve so I will end here and wish everyone a very happy 2018.


28 thoughts on “A look Back at 2017

  1. easyweimaraner

    I hope 2018 brings no stressful days with weather-catastrophes and other bad things… it should be a year with good things… and even if it becomes a boring year, I will be grateful for… ;o) Happy 2018 to you

  2. weggieboy

    Wow! What a year~! Yep, peeing and pooping out of the litter box and furniture scratching! I guess we all have these little misadventures with our kitty boys and kitty girls, but aren’t they addictive parts of our lives!? None is the same as any other. You can’t get yours to use the new fountain but they love, love, love the Jackson Galaxy cat bed. Mine are the same species, yet they love, love, love their new fountain and refuse to use any of half a dozen cat beds I’ve purchased over the years…. Cats! Happy New Year!

  3. angelswhisper2011

    Lovely resume, Chris 🙂 We loved the Houdini trick and the nobody-drinks-out-of-the-fountain…I had one too and Granny sold it after a few month 😀 Pawkisses for a Happy, Healthy New Year to all of you. Let’s make it a good one 🙂 ❤

  4. Cats Are On Top

    Happy New Year 2018. Have you tried hiding pucks litter behind some boxes and furniture, in such a way that he can get there but nobody actually can see the litter? Worked for Fozzie.

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      Thank you for the suggestion but I tried putting boxes here, there and everywhere. I also try and different types of litter. I even tried putting a box out with no litter at all, just a pee pad in it.

      1. Cats Are On Top

        I found yesterday a blog of someone who deals with cat behavioral issues. You would like me to pass the contact to you, so you could check with her? Maybe she has a few ideas.

  5. iamthesunking

    Happy New Year, & I might just steal your idea of a review of the year if I am still blogging in December. Although Louis Catorze’s year would read, “January: sat on my arse. February: screamed at a dog. March: sat on my arse …” & so on.


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