Photo Friday: Cold Cats, Warm Bed

The weather has cooled here recently and all the cats want to hang out on the bed more than ever before. I don’t know if the bed is warmer or if it is just a good place to gather and preserve body heat. Maybe after sleeping on it all night we warm it up for them.

This is the closest I have ever seen all four of our cats.

cats on bed

They often show up on the bed after their breakfast (which is before our coffee) and I feel bad about kicking them off to make the bed. cats on bed cats on bed cats on bed cats on bed cats on bed


27 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Cold Cats, Warm Bed

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  2. Rosemarie Huss

    I love the picture of the four of them…don’t think I have ever seen all four of them together like this! Great picture!

  3. David

    The only problem about sleeping with cats is they force you to sleep on the edge of the bed. Otherwise, not so bad. Kittens, though, are another story. They know how to hog the whole bed, forcing you to another room. They do follow. 🙂

  4. Nadia Ruby

    Wow, I see the most adorable fluffy piles of love napping on the bed.They are the best heater in winter.You are so lucky for getting these lovely kitties to snuggle on the bed.I know the feeling bad to move those sleeping beauties even you want to make the bed.Let them stay because they may need a warm place.I really love your soft warm living pillows.

  5. cat9984

    Mr Charles – We live in Michigan where it gets really cold. When you leave bed, it’s warm. Once we’re all there, it stays warm. More cats, more warm. (We do prefer it unmade. Nests are warmer than flat bedspreads.) Snoops and Kommando Kitty


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