And Then There Were Three… Ferals

Here is the forth “Ferals at Work” post for Throwback Thursday.

Bad Cat Chris

I have seen my feral cat at work only occasionally since my last post about him.

Feral Cat

I can understand his absence because we have had a lot of rain these last two weeks. My place of employment even flooded last weekend and then it flooded again on Monday while we were cleaning up from the first flood.

flood View from my work, August 3.

Friday was a dry morning but I did not see the cat around when I put food out for him. As I was looking for him, I spotted another cat in the distance. He was a gold and white cat that looked like one I saw a few times months ago, perhaps even over a year ago. I walked back inside and got my camera and quietly opened the door a crack to get some pictures as the cat moved in the direction of the food.
Feral CatGold Feral Cat20150807_Feral cats_89020150807_Feral cats_893After…

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