And Then There Were Three… Ferals

I have seen my feral cat at work only occasionally since my last post about him.

Feral Cat

I can understand his absence because we have had a lot of rain these last two weeks. My place of employment even flooded last weekend and then it flooded again on Monday while we were cleaning up from the first flood.


View from my work, August 3.

Friday was a dry morning but I did not see the cat around when I put food out for him. As I was looking for him, I spotted another cat in the distance. He was a gold and white cat that looked like one I saw a few times months ago, perhaps even over a year ago. I walked back inside and got my camera and quietly opened the door a crack to get some pictures as the cat moved in the direction of the food.
Feral CatGold Feral Cat20150807_Feral cats_89020150807_Feral cats_893After he walked out of view behind the building, I waited long enough for him to get to the food and then I peeked around the corner to find he had stopped and was now looking at me. I don’t know how he knew I was there. It is a noisy environment and I walked very quietly. Perhaps he smelled me. Must be the deodorant.

20150807_Feral cats_895

I backed up and gave him more time and this time he was eating the food I put out.

20150807_Feral cats_897After about ten minutes I thought the cat would be gone and I should put out another handful of food for my other feral. When I got outside I was surprised to find another cat where the food was. This one seemed to be looking for food but it was gone, or almost gone.

20150807_Feral cats_898 Feral CatI snapped a couple of pictures and then put my camera away and slowly approached the cat. I knew he would retreat but I wanted it to stay close enough to see what I was doing. He, or she, backed off about ten feet and when I got closer, ran off to the left where, unnoticed by me, the gold cat was waiting for him. The two of them ran together around a nearby building and disappeared. Later the food was gone so one, or both, of them came back.

I noticed that all three cats are ear tipped, indicating they have been fixed, which is good. It also means that they may be part of a managed colony. If so, my food is more of a treat for them, but I would hate to stop putting it out since it is being eaten.

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29 thoughts on “And Then There Were Three… Ferals

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      I was putting out one handfull four days a week but knowing there is three cats now I will try to double that. If they don’t eat it all, I will cut back.

  1. Fozziemum

    Poor sweeties..i hate they live this life…so glad you are giving them some tucker as they do look hungry even if they are in a colony..and at least they have a colony..this country wants to exterminate them all..shakes my head at this and wonders at who we are becoming 😦

  2. onespoiledcat

    Three fans of your kind snacks! That’s grand that they’re all ear-tipped and even MORE wonderful that you bother to help them out………they do look thin and the food is being eaten so that’s a good thing. WOW you sure have had some rain!


  3. Robin

    It is really pawsome of you to help out the feral kitties! They are cuties. I’m sorry to hear about all of that flooding. I guess it is that time of year again though. I’m surprised we haven’t had any good floods yet.


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