Photo Friday: Chris? Are You Awake?

More times than I can count did I make the bed with cats on it. Chris is the only one that actually likes getting the blanket thrown over him so doing that in no way encourages him to get down like it does the other boys. I usually let him stay and pull the covers up so he can breathe. Often he falls asleep under the covers but sometimes he learns what it is like to be pestered in bed by a cat.

cats in bed


28 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Chris? Are You Awake?

  1. Summer

    MOL! My human is impossible to pester – she just refuses to get up, move or respond when she is asleep. So we have taken to sleeping up against her in the mornings while waiting for her to get her butt out of bed. At least that way we know exactly when she gets up.

  2. Carole

    It takes me three or four times longer to change the bedding now that we have the three cats. They take it in turn to sit on the sheet that you’re trying to fit, or get inside the quilt cover and generally just have fun getting in the way. At least it’s not a boring job any more LOL

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