Hanging Outside With Dad

Saturday is typically outside day for Chris and Frankie. I first take Frankie for a cat walk on his leash and harness and then I let Chris outside for some fresh air and grass.

Chris doesn’t require a harness because he generally stays close to home. I do watch him because he wanders off sometimes and I have to pick him up and bring him back. Mostly he just eats grass and relaxes.

I usually sit at our table outside and watch him. Sometimes he joins me at the table.

Sometimes I sit on the steps and he joins me there.

Other times he wanders to the back of the house and I have to uproot myself and follow him. I’ll sit on the blocks behind the shed and Chris will hang out with me there too.

I think we make a good team.


20 thoughts on “Hanging Outside With Dad

  1. easyweimaraner

    yes… and I love such kind of feline company… they are just there, close to us and we need no words to understand each other… no wild jumping, no barking… aaah that zen-moments…

  2. Summer

    This is one case where Chris is actually a GOOD cat! My human could not trust any of us to go off somewhere – even (especially) almost 17-year-old Binga.

  3. databbiesotrouttowne

    dood….ewe izza grate pal ta dad for sure !!! if de door opened heer; dai$y wood hide under shrubree N me…tuna…….well, letz just say eye wood run N knot stop…knot coz my life heer sux; but just coz eye COULD !!! ~~~~~ 🙂 ♥♥♥


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