Photo Friday: I Told You There Was Room

Frankie is always in the bathroom when I take a shower. For some reason, he is fascinated by it but only as an observer, not as a participant.

The other day, after I got out of the shower, Frankie turned his attention to the linen closet. He got up on the toilet seat and opened the closet door for a peek inside. He looked up and down for a place to jump up onto but decided against it after seeing how full it was.

Chris had come into the bathroom as Frankie was pondering what to do. “Stand aside Frankie, I can fit in there,” Chris said, or at least implied, and proceeded to jump into the closet where he pushed stuff out of his way and forced his way inside enough so he could turn around. Even I was impressed.

Frankie just sat on the toilet seat and suddenly became a bystander in his own game.

My computer is having problems and is running very slow and freezing up so I posted this from my phone for only the second time ever. I don’t like doing that because I don’t have an app to reduce the resolution of my pictures so they will load quicker. Hopefully, nobody will have trouble viewing this post today.


19 thoughts on “Photo Friday: I Told You There Was Room

  1. onespoiledcat

    Great photos…….cats really seem to love bathrooms for some reason – Teddy follows me into the bathroom and watches me take a shower – he likes to try and capture the water drops on the shower doors (you’d think he’d figure out by now he can’t grab them from HIS side!). I can see him opening the doors under the sinks and exploring…….then “Mr. Innocent” lies on the Jacuzzi tub tile surround and patiently waits for me to get OUT of the shower so he can go INTO the shower and lick the water on the walls and floor! Funny they like to LOOK at the water but don’t want to really get WET!


  2. Summer

    My human says we are weird because we don’t like sharing the bathroom with her! We just leave her in there by herself and hope she doesn’t drown or something.

  3. databbiesotrouttowne

    guyz…post came thru just grate; fotoz N all !!! sauce used ta hang out in de bathroom all de time; me toona…knot sew much til de food gurl stepz outta de shower sew I can lay… RITE THER…. & trip her up πŸ˜‰ β™₯β™₯

  4. daisymae2017

    With a cat you don’t have much but take what you can get. With Daisy Mae we don’t have much troubles with her wanting to be in the bathroom at the same time we are. As for your computer, boy can I relate. Good luck with your computer.


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