Forgotten Photographs

Recently I came across a folder on my computer dated December 15, 2009. It was simply labeled “Camera Tests.” I’ve seen it before but I didn’t think it was anything important so I just ignored it until I came across it the other day.

It was a month after we adopted Chris and the camera my wife ordered for me for Christmas arrived. I don’t remember but I assume she allowed me to open it and make sure it worked before she put it under the tree. So naturally, I took pictures of cats.

I thought it would be interesting to share these pictures of Chris’s early housemates since so much has changed since then.

We’ll start with Chris on the bed with Abbey, He probably annoyed her and caused her to leave.

Here is Abbey during a moment of peace.

cat Abbey

Chris when he was still skinny.

Best buds, Alex and Tigger.

Another cute picture of Chris.

Our cat Princess did not come with us to Myrtle Beach but she did join us later. I don’t know if she was there when these pictures were taken but here is her picture.

Our other cat, Flash, was Tigger’s brother and a bit of a recluse. He was probably hiding somewhere when I took the other pictures.

So what do you think of Chris and his early siblings?


26 thoughts on “Forgotten Photographs

  1. onespoiledcat

    What great photos! How lucky it was that you opened that folder and found some flashes from the past. Nice to see some of your “previous” kitties too!!


  2. Dennis

    I do this from time to time too, we shouldn’t forget old folders. But you are right, often you think it’s not worth it but then you discover some gems 🙂 Good findings!

      1. Dennis

        I am pretty sure about this. The problem with photography is that you are faster taking photos than you can upload them. So, in my case too, I always have way more photos than I could upload or use. The difference is so big that it’s easy to forget photos 🙂 The only thing that I find funny is that when I find some old photos, I always know when, where and why I took them. I find this funny because I can’t memorize numbers well for example, but if I pick an old photo out of thousands, even if it’s just a tree in a landscape, I will know where I shot it, could probably even show the exact position on Google Maps. That’s funny 🙂

          1. Dennis

            That’s true, that’s probably also why I am more of a practical learner than a theoretical learner. When I was trainee back then, we had a class of 20 people and my experience was that females were better at memorizing thing in theory, while the males usually understood better when they just showed us what to do 😀 It’s not that I didn’t fully understand theory, but it just did sink in better after I saw it in practice, then I started to realize why the theory was important, what it meant or how it was related to the task. 🙂

  3. cat9984

    We cats take offence at you humans deciding when we are skinny or fat. We only judge you on the quality of service your provide. Snoops and Kommando Kitty 🙂


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