The Paper Forest

Floki’s favorite toy, by far, is a rolled up piece of paper. It is like an addictive drug to him and my wife is his dealer. When Rose records receipts in the checkbook, Floki is there waiting for the crumpled up paper when she is done. He will chase that paper all through the house and sometimes will bring it back to Rose and wait for her to throw it.

Often the paper just gets lost somewhere in the house. I had another post where I discovered our broom closet was a receptacle for lost wads of paper but I discovered an even bigger place where paper goes to die.

I saw Floki sticking his paw under our coffee table one day. There is only about an inch of space so I had to get a flashlight and put my head on the ground to see what he lost. I was shocked to see a whole forest of wadded up pieces of paper under there.

I got a stick and pulled out a few of the wads of paper. There was even a mouse in the mix. It was like Christmas all over again.Siamese cat and paper ball

Of course, I quietly disposed of some of the balls while he was busy and not paying attention.

Siamese cat and paper ballSiamese cat and paper ball

I love a cat who can appreciate a cheap toy. I am not looking forward to his teenage years.



17 thoughts on “The Paper Forest

  1. caren gittleman

    This gave me a MUCH needed smile today! Thank you for sharing that darling story and the adorable photos. The heck with store bought toys when you have paper! Love that Floki!

  2. databbiesotrouttowne

    dood…paper iz a huge fav round heer two…try it ona roll sum time….ewe can fite de paper towel roll down frum say….260 sheetz ta 98,200 shreddz……tissue paperz fun two, rolled N flat 🙂 ♥♥


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