Frankie: The First Three Years – Part Three

Today we continue with the third and last part of Frankie’s three year adventure with us. If you missed one or both previous parts, you can click here for part one or here for part two.

We start in February, 2016, long after Frankie has proven he can be a bad cat at almost the same level as Chris. Even badder in some ways.

cat Frankie in bushes

Here, Frankie has escaped and is hiding under a large bush to prevent capture.

Cat Frankie in front of the tv

Frankie went through a phase where he would lie in front of the television and partially block the remote control sensor.

cat Frankie in bag

Frankie’s ability to be cute has not waned in two plus years.


Frankie still likes to escape.

Cat on laptop

He also likes to lie on keyboards, although I can’t imagine why.

cat in sun

Lying in the sunbeam is his favorite thing to do that does not involve getting into trouble or being annoying.

cats on lap

Our new kitten, Floki, arrives in July and competes for attention.

20160813_170747 Frankie and Chris

By August, Frankie is still enjoying his walks and he is still getting along with Chris.


By November they are best frenemies.

cat on door

Frankie proves to be quite an acrobat.


Frankie is usually the center of most fights in the house but he also can get along with everybody if he wants to.

cats on bed

See what I mean?

Well? What do you think of Frankie? Should we keep him? I think we should give him another 20 years and then re-evaluate. 🙂


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