Cold Weekend, Warm Bed

We don’t get cold weather very often in the Tampa Bay area, but when we do, it’s during the weekend. Saturday morning started out at 70 degrees but dropped all day until Sunday morning when it was 36. It was cold Sunday too and currently, at 8 a.m. Monday morning, it is 41 degrees, but it will improve throughout the work week, of course.

We have an old heater and don’t trust it so we leave it off at night, which means our bed has extra blankets on it to keep us warm. That does not go unnoticed by our cats who congregated there most of the weekend.

cats on bed cats on bed cats on bed cats on bed cats on bed cats on bed cats on bed cats on bed cats on bed

Where do your pets go on a cold day?


14 thoughts on “Cold Weekend, Warm Bed

  1. pilch92

    Those are such sweet photos. 36 sounds balmy after waking up to -5F. We have 2 heated blanket and 2 heating pads on low for the kitties. Snowball and Phoebe are the only 2 that cuddle together.

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      That is a good idea but our house has radiators along the baseboard that are in inconvenient places like behind the dresser, tv and sofa. I think that is what makes us nervous about running the heat.

  2. Robin

    These photos are SO cute! I love to see kitties cuddling together. 🙂 Pretty much every day is cold here in Michigan. One nice thing about the colder weather is that the kitties want to cuddle more. My lap is one of the most coveted places when it is cold out.

  3. Nasim

    Hello again,

    Here in the south west of France, it’s going to go down to -6 c or -7c in the next few days. I only heat my house with wood stoves, so they just curl up right infront of it to get the heat. Bloody annoying because I have to haul up wood from the courtyard to the house every morning.
    The only problem is that I don’t get much room on the sofa! I just have to get a hot water bottle, very English – I know – and try to get a stool or a chair so that I don’t disturb them!!!
    I am such a softie ….


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