It’s Cat Calendar Time

I am doing a little self promoting here and want to mention the cat calendars I have in my Zazzle store, since they are on sale today. Just look for the discount code near the top of the page. A new year is starting soon and most of you reading this are cat lovers, this would be a great Christmas gift for yourself or another cat lover that you care about.

First, of course, there is the Bad Cat Chris calendar.

This calendar has some of the best photos of Chris from the Bad Cat Chris blog.

Second, there is a calendar from another blog of mine called Just Fur Laughs.

This is filled with funny, captioned animal pictures (memes) that any animal lover would get a kick out of.

Then there is one called “Cats and Kittens.”

This one has some of the cutest pictures of my sister-in-laws cats (with some of our cats thrown in).

The best part is, these are completely customizeable, meaning you can replace some, or all, of the pictures with your own. I did that for my sister-in-law last year and gave her a calendar with 14 photos of just her cats. I thought it was a great way to personalize a gift. You can also check out my Zazzle store here to see all my products, many of them cat-related.

Okay, commercial is over, I now return you to my regular blog.


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