For the Love of Chris

I might be a bad pet parent for saying this, or even thinking it, but I love one of our cats more than the others. I know that sounds terrible. It’s like saying you love one child more than another.

I’m talking about Chris, of course, but I’m not sure love is the right word. It is harder to define than that. It is like I have formed an emotional bond with him and I know when our time together comes to an end, breaking that bond will be the hardest thing to do since my dad passed away. To be fair, I do love all our cats but Chris is a bit different.

The reasons I have formed such an attachment are many. The badness that I talk about on this blog is just a behavior. There are many other sides to Chris. There is funny Chris, cute Chris, Talkative Chris, Smart Chris and affectionate Chris. Deep down, Chris is the most loving and affectionate creature on four legs that I have ever encountered and you can’t help but love him back.

From the beginning I noticed that everyone just loves Chris and I’m sure that is because Chris loves everyone. “Give and you shall receive” is true for cats as well as people.

Below is an example of Chris’s affectionate behavior.

There is a drawback to all that affection. My wife is away on a business trip so I thought I would let the cats sleep on the bed. I should have known that would never work. Chris always keeps me up half the night doing what you see on the video. I don’t know why I always think this night will be different.

I recently commented about how Chris is sleeping more now that he is older and he sleeps almost as much as a real cat, but after last night I take it back.

What do you think? Any other “bad” pet parents out there?


16 thoughts on “For the Love of Chris

  1. pilch92

    I understand completely. It is hard not to prefer the ones that want to cuddle with you and spend time with you. Chris is a sweetie, although I can see how the nose nipping would make it hard to sleep.

  2. elizabetcetera

    Oh my gosh!😘 I am in love with Chris now! Thank you for sharing one of the most adorable videos I have ever seen. Chris is super adorable and definitely one of a kind. I really laughed out loud and tears came to my eyes seeing this loving and lovely fellow.

  3. Summer

    Even though I am my human’s special companion because I go places with her, and we have a special relationship, she isn’t any less fond of Binga, really. We have different relationships with my human, you might say. Boodie was never meant to stay here – she was supposed to be a foster, but the rescue never called to take her back. She stays in the background a lot, and I don’t think she even wants to be loved as much as the humans love me and Binga. But she would really be missed if she weren’t here.

  4. easyweimaraner

    I know this feeling… and I felt the same as we had two dogs… I loved them both but it was a different kind of love… maybe love really is as variable as our furfriends are :o)

  5. onespoiledcat

    He surely loves his Dad……….and the nose biting is probably not only a bit painful (!) but a cute manifestation of his happiness at being close to you and snuggling……he obviously is “Mr. Affectionate”. Sam wants to be right by my side every second of the day except at night when he prefers to sleep on his own…being glued to me is his way of showing his affection. They are all unique little creatures and we react to them differently because they generally want different things from us. I can’t imagine my life without a cat in it!



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