Cat and Mouse

We don”t see many mice around here. This post was from 2013 and I haven’t seen one since. Now we have rabbits outside the house.

Bad Cat Chris

I meant to post this two or three weeks ago but I forgot about it until I noticed the pictures on the camera.

Bad Cat Chris and Puck looking out window

Chris and Puck were going crazy at the front window and I walked over to see what they were so interested in. There was a mouse on our sidewalk. It looked like he was eating a bug and he was totally oblivious to the turmoil he was causing just four feet away. I believe it was the first mouse I have ever seen in the wild, if you can call our sidewalk “The Wild.”

Bad Cat Chris and Puck  looking out window at mouse.Mouse outside our windowAfter I took pictures of the little guy, he picked up his bug and moved under the bush, even closer to the cats, still oblivious to their presence. This was like eating a steak in front of a starving man. I actually felt bad for them and almost wanted to open the door…

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9 thoughts on “Cat and Mouse

  1. Summer

    We have had rats living in the house’s crawl spaces for a while and the humans have had the hardest time getting rid of them! And I am embarrassed to say that we cats have done nothing about catching them. Although I do keep an eye on the areas where I know they are living.

  2. Julie runyon

    We don’t get much really cold weather here in Oregon, nut last winter it was in the 20’s and I woke up to scratching at my bedroom window and this little mouse was trying to get inside. I showed my cat and the mouse just ignored my cat staring and scratching back. It was too funny but I felt bad for the little guy too.


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