Chris Loves Puck

Even though Chris is a bad cat, he has many good qualities. His affection towards others is a notable one. In the video below, he demonstrates that by thoroughly washing his brother Puck.

Don’t you just love it when your cats get along?


22 thoughts on “Chris Loves Puck

  1. elizabetcetera

    My big black cat will groom my little crazy spazy grey cat. I read somewhere that a cat grooming another cat will calm the spazy one down.

    Or maybe Chris is hungry and you don’t feed him enough, so he’s helping himself to his own “cat meal” … just a thought! 😉

    Per CatWorld:

    “Mutual grooming and licking among cats who share a house is common too and a good indicator of their happy relationship. This is their way of communicating a bond for one another and provides comfort and acceptance.”

    – See more at:


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