Chris Recaptures Routine

Chris still has that routine of bothering Rose while she gets ready but now he has a new routine.

Rose’s new job means that she gets a lot more emails and messages so every morning before she gets ready, she sits on the bed and goes through it all on her phone. She puts a pillow on her lap and Chris happily snuggles with her while she does that.

Bad Cat Chris

A several months ago I wrote about Chris’s Stolen Routine. In that post I mentioned that Chris had a morning routine that involved hanging out with Rose and bothering her while she got herself ready for work. That routine was taken over by Puck and Chris just let it go until we moved into our current home. Now, Chris is back up on the counter every morning interfering with Rose’s routine.

Bad Cat Chris on bathroom counter. Chris taking up valuable counter space while Puck is back to jealous spectator.

This time around Puck is not able to intimidate Chris into giving up his spot. Unfortunately for Rose, the bathroom counter is much smaller that it was in our last home so it is even more difficult for her to get ready while Chris is playing with her make-up. He even knocked over a full cup of coffee a few days ago, soaking most of…

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