Feral Cats at Work

We have feral cats that hang out behind where I work. I don’t see them very often and when I do it is from a distance. There is a large fenced in area that has been abandoned for about a year now, although the cats have been there much longer. Because seeing the cats is rare, I thought there was no colony of cats, just a few loners who’s territories intersect near my work. If there was a colony, I thought, my work is at the outside of their territory.

About a month ago I saw a cat walking the perimeter of the fence behind my work and I thought maybe the cat has a routine. As an experiment, I brought some food to work and put a handful near the fence, on a plastic Verizon cover. By the end of the day the food was gone so I decided to continue to put food out.

I don’t want to feel responsible for these cats because I only work four days a week, but I thought a handful of food three times a week would be more like a treat for them. I have been doing that for a month now, never seeing the cat, or cats, that have been eating it.

Yesterday morning, to my surprise, I went out with the food and surprised a beautiful feral cat that was walking across our parking lot. I don’t remember if it was the same cat I saw last month, but it could be. It immediately ran to the tall grass to take cover. I said some friendly words to it and then set down the food and went back inside, but I peeked out the door and watched the cat walk toward the food. I then quietly walked back outside and saw the cat eating the food I put out.

Feral cat

Later I went out again to empty the trash and saw the cat not far from the dumpster, watching me. He made no attempt to run away as a dumped the trash inside. 20150706_Feral cat_1809I went back inside and about ten minutes later I decided to bring out another handful of food. My hope was that the cat would see me as a friend, but when I got outside, a man on a riding lawn mower was outside and, of course, the cat was gone.

As I edited these pictures, I noticed the cat had its ear tipped, which means he is probably part of a TNR program. If that is the case, perhaps there is a colony nearby and perhaps someone is looking after them. I hope so.

15 thoughts on “Feral Cats at Work

  1. Summer

    Ear-tipped kitties are good! If you see some that are not ear-tipped, you might see what organization locally is doing TNR and contact them.

    Trust me, those kitties will get to know you, and your routine with the food, and while they may never be your BFFs, they will appreciate you from afar! In fact, I am sure they already do.

  2. The Swiss Cats

    We bet that kitty already begins to know you and your food routine. That’s great he has a tipped ear ! Purrs

  3. catfromhell

    Hes probably part of a TNR Colony. Mes thinks he LOVES the foods yous been bringing!

  4. Charles Huss Post author

    Reblogged this on Bad Cat Chris and commented:

    For Throwback Thursday I want to share the story of the feral cats I was feeding at a previous job. I realize now I should not have left that job and the pleasure of seeing those cats are one of the reasons. Maybe I will continue their story next Thursday.


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