Frankie Escapes Again

It seems our cat’s weekly romp in the back yard has come to an end, thanks to Frankie. The last couple of times we let them out, Frankie led me on a wild goose chase, hiding under cars along the way so I couldn’t catch him. Last week was the final straw and Rose decided she did not want to let them out again. Of course, not letting them out and not letting them get out are two different things.

Three times in the past week Frankie got out the front door when we were trying to leave or come in the house. Two of those times Chris ran out the door at the same time. They double team us. When we try to block one, the other cat sneaks around us and out the door and then when we shift our focus to that cat, we end up losing both of them.

It seems weird that I am saying this but Chris is good. He always stays close to the house, at least for a little while. Frankie runs like the wind. The first couple of times he got out I was able to grab him right away because he was distracted by a lizard. The last time was on the weekend when Rose and I were leaving to catch a movie. Frankie led us both on a long chase.

Cat Frankie under car

On my last post on this subject, Nellie suggested a Super Soaker might get him out from under the cars. With that in mind I grabbed the squirt bottle that we sometimes use to help us get into the house and to also stop Frankie from picking at the screen by the front door. I used it on him several times to try to dislodge him from the cars he was hiding under. Sometimes it would work but he would just run to the next available car. Other times I kept squirting him but he seemed not to notice.

I was starting to get worried because, despite our attempts to “herd” him the other way, he kept getting closer to the busy road we live near. Finally I was able to get him out in the open where Rose grabbed him and brought him home.

What concerns me now is we are planning to move to a new place. One without the big back yard and one that may be less tolerant of cats running around outside. I want to keep them inside but I also want to bring them out so that if they do escape they will know where home is.

12 thoughts on “Frankie Escapes Again

  1. onespoiledcat

    These guys are such escape artists, keeping them IN will be a challenge for sure……I’ve got to say, I’m glad that we trained Sam on the harness/leash from the moment we brought him home as a baby…that’s TOUGH to do when they get older but it’s really made our “out times” more fun, more safe, and certainly (for old Mom) less worrisome!!!!

    p.s. loved Thomas’ drawing of Frankie!

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      The harness I have is very difficult to put on a struggling cat. I’m thinking of buying something called Kitty Holster that looks easier to get on. Know anything about that?

  2. Carole

    I don’t let Sammie out for the same reasons. We have many busy roads round here plus dogs and other hazards. Also, she can run like the wind. We’ve finally got her on the harness and she’s enjoyed a few walks round the garden now and we’re in the process of building an enclosure in the garden so she can be out there enjoying the sun while we’re working in the garden. I think she’ll like that.
    Hope you find a solution soon. Frankie is much too gorgeous to risk losing him.

  3. random felines

    mom says she’s lucky in that, while no one here really cares to try to get out unless it is on the balcony, she has some leeway getting out the door due to it’s location. we wonder if leashes and harnesses would be a benefit….teach them they CAN go out but only with their gear on

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      I’m going to try to find a better harness and then take them out one at a time. They won’t like that because when one is out the other two will be jealous.

  4. pilch92

    That is going to be a tough one when you move. I agree you should bring them out to know the area in case one escapes. Is Frankie afraid of any sounds? Maybe one of you could hide outside by the door with an air horn or something and when he goes near the door, blow the horn- something like that to make him afraid to go near there.

  5. The Island Cats

    Wow, that’s a tough one. We don’t get to go out because I like to roll in the dirt and Wally will run like Frankie. Zoey has no interest in going outside. Maybe because she spent too much time outside in her younger days. Maybe you should think about building a screened in enclosure at your new place. Then the cats could have the outside without really being outside. Just a thought.

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      That may not be an option. We do have a screened patio like here only the new place has windows that close too. They just need to learn to be inside cats. Perhaps I will walk them on a leash.


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