Frankie Escapes Again

Even though this post for Throwback Thursday is from April of 2015, I fell like I could write it today.

Bad Cat Chris

It seems our cat’s weekly romp in the back yard has come to an end, thanks to Frankie. The last couple of times we let them out, Frankie led me on a wild goose chase, hiding under cars along the way so I couldn’t catch him. Last week was the final straw and Rose decided she did not want to let them out again. Of course, not letting them out and not letting them get out are two different things.

Three times in the past week Frankie got out the front door when we were trying to leave or come in the house. Two of those times Chris ran out the door at the same time. They double team us. When we try to block one, the other cat sneaks around us and out the door and then when we shift our focus to that cat, we end up losing…

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11 thoughts on “Frankie Escapes Again

  1. onespoiledcat

    I suspect this “escape” thing is something people with multiple cats experience more than single cat families. Teddy will sometimes come close to the front door when we open it but has never dashed out – we usually open the door a couple of inches, say “No Teddy” and miracle of miracles he just sits there and looks pitiful while we exit. That little face through the side windows around the door is pitiful but sometimes you just have to do what you have to do! He gets three “outs” a day anyway – usually at about the same time. I wish your boys would “go with the plan” !!!!!

    Hugs, Pam

  2. Doug Thomas

    I wonder if Pam of onespoiledcat isn’t onto something about multi-cat households having that one cat that wants to take off. The late Dougy, brother to Andy, used to want to explore any time I opened the door. JI had to watch out for his escapade-loving ways because he would be gone in a split second otherwise. Seems like Frankie also adds the under-the-car ploy to his escapes, which has to be very frustrating for you. Well played, Frankie! But don’t do it again!

  3. Brian

    I’m not sure about the multicat thing, none of us go to the door, we back up if we’re around. That was true even when there was nine of us, well, eight downstairs.

  4. KDKH

    We used to play the same keep-away game going in and out of the house. One thing that helped was going out though our utility room that acted as a bit of an airlock. The back door would close, and we’d have to step a few feet past the washer & dryer to get to the door leading to the garage. If the cat got past us into the utility room, we’d let them stay their and we’d sneak out the front door. When we returned home, we’d enter through the garage and shut that door before opening the utility room door into the house. If a cat ran in, they couldn’t get any further.

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      A buffer zone is great. We have that at our house in West Virginia. The only times Frankie escapes there is when someone opens the front door to get a package that was left outside.


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