A Good Day For Being Outside… and Hunting Lizards

Sunday was a beautiful day so we decided to put the harness on Frankie and let him outside. He has been terrible lately with his picking at the screen by the front door. Counting yesterday, he has pulled the entire screen off the window at least five times, three times after I put tape on it to hold it in and once after I put extra tape on it. Rose thinks he was an outside cat and we are being cruel forcing him to stay inside. I understand her concerns but I think we live too close to a busy road for that to be an option. Perhaps if we lived down the road a bit I would consider getting him a collar and letting him out during the day.

Our cat Frankie on his leashI got Rose’s help and let all the cats out the back door on Sunday. I held Frankie’s leash while Rose watched Chris and Puck. Everything went pretty well for a while then Rose yelled to me that Puck had caught a lizard and brought it in the house. She wanted me to get it out but I had to get the cats in first so I gave her Frankie and went to get Chris. While I was trying to catch him he caught a lizard too.

I gave him to Rose who was able to get the lizard out of his mouth while I went inside to find Puck. He was in the bathroom where he had dropped the lizard into the litter box. Not sure what his plan was but I scooped up the lizard and put him outside.

I brought my new camera with me and took a video but unfortunately I had replaced the memory card with one that was too slow to handle video so it kept shutting off after a few seconds of shooting. I also tried to get a picture of Chris with a lizard bit he moved too fast for a good shot.

Bad Cat Chris catching lizard

Chris catching a lizard.

31 thoughts on “A Good Day For Being Outside… and Hunting Lizards

  1. Rose Huss - Chris' mom

    I still think that Frankie is being short changed on his freedom and needs to be let free to go outside! I know that you don’t agree….I still love you! Chris’ mom

  2. Carole

    He took you for a lovely walk 🙂

    We keep Sammie inside too. I’ve seen what can happen to an outdoor cat and I don’t want to see it happen to one of mine. We’ve bought Sammie a harness similar to Frankie’s, but haven’t yet tried to put it on her. We’re letting her get used it first.

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      From what I have seen with other cats, she will get used to it and even wait for it. I haven’t noticed that with Frankie yet but I have only used it about three times.

  3. onespoiledcat

    Teddy hunts lizards but right now the only ones we have are TINY little blue-tails. He catches them then lets them go (at least we THINK he does that every time!). He knows where to look for them – including in our garage. Even with the door closed those tiny lizards find their way in. I guess word hasn’t gotten ’round the lizard community that our garage is NOT a safe spot! We think Ted was a feral too but we’ll never let him out on his own – too many foxes and a busy road close by.

    Hugs, Pam


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