A Good Day For Being Outside… and Hunting Lizards

Here is a post from February 2015 for Throwback Thursday. Those were the days. Chris is more interested in eating grass than hunting lizards these days.

Bad Cat Chris

Sunday was a beautiful day so we decided to put the harness on Frankie and let him outside. He has been terrible lately with his picking at the screen by the front door. Counting yesterday, he has pulled the entire screen off the window at least five times, three times after I put tape on it to hold it in and once after I put extra tape on it. Rose thinks he was an outside cat and we are being cruel forcing him to stay inside. I understand her concerns but I think we live too close to a busy road for that to be an option. Perhaps if we lived down the road a bit I would consider getting him a collar and letting him out during the day.

Our cat Frankie on his leashI got Rose’s help and let all the cats out the back door on Sunday. I held Frankie’s leash while Rose…

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22 thoughts on “A Good Day For Being Outside… and Hunting Lizards

  1. lois

    What is it with lizards in litter boxes? The two outdoor cats like to catch lizards (and we have so many of them here). A lot I find on the garage floor sans tail, but so many are dumped into the litter box–still alive! Those I scoop up and toss (hopefully) where the cats won’t find them. So strange.

  2. Leah

    Lots of adventures for kitties going on around your place! Lizards come into the house here and there have been times we’ve had to disengage them from cat mouths, somehow . . .

      1. The Hinoeuma

        Yeah. Something to chase, play with and eat…or try to eat. Another blogger in Colorado that I follow had an indoor/outdoor cat that was a good mouser on their farm. She would eat the mouse but, barf up the ass-end of it, every time. LOL!


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