Photo Friday: Photogenic Frankie

Out of our three cats, Chris, Puck, and Frankie, I am starting to think that Frankie is the most photogenic. That is not to say he is better looking but he does not have the disadvantages that make things more difficult for photographers.

For example, Puck is a good-looking cat but he is all black and it is difficult to pick up fine details, especially when you must underexpose him to keep the background from becoming too overexposed.

Chris’s problem is “eye boogers.” He always seems to have a bit of goo in the corner of his eyes that can be a distraction. On the other hand, he has had that problem his whole life and that may be considered a distinguishing characteristic.

Does anyone else have one pet that seems to be more photogenic? If you’d like, post a link to their picture.


14 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Photogenic Frankie

  1. pilch92

    Yes, I have the same problem- 4 black ones and a couple with eye boogers too. I also have a deaf one that is hard to get him to look at the camera. My top model is Lucy.

  2. Summer

    I am totally photogenic – but I am lucky, it’s in my genes! Don’t ask my human how many eye boogers she has had to photoshop out in her lifetime of cat photography, MOL!

  3. hairballexpress

    The human is ALWAYS wiping at my eyes too- *(tail flap)!* And because of my lovely (darker) coat, it’s hard fur her to get good pictures of me- especially since it’s cloudy all the time! *(pout)*

      1. hairballexpress

        Yes- she’s taken me to the vet twice fur it and used 2 different prescription eye ointments / drops and Vetericyn gel and it gets better but never goes away- dang human. *(ZOOMS under bed)*

  4. elizz

    my kittycat Star is an all white cat so it’s challenging to take a photo of her so i just make sure the background is not white .. but because she is oddeyed (blue and gold eyes) i think it makes her attractive.


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