Chris’s Doppelgänger

We were near our former home yesterday and I saw a cat that looked just like Chris. His legs were a bit more white but other than that he could be mistaken for Chris.
Bad Cat Chris's doppelgänger

When we lived there, someone told Rose our cat had escaped and, knowing how bad Chris is, she went to retrieve him. It wasn’t until she was about to pick him up and bring him home did she realize the cat was not Chris.

When I saw him yesterday he even acted like Chris. He was perfectly comfortable with strangers. He let me pet him, he talked to me, he even rolled on his back like Chris does when he goes outside.

Bad Cat Chris's doppelgänger

Perhaps ginger cats really are friendlier.

8 thoughts on “Chris’s Doppelgänger

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      I said this before but I think male cats tend to be friendlier and since most gold cats are male it seems like the color makes the difference when actually it does not.


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