December Royalties to Chris’s Shelter

Bad Cat Chris Kindle eBookI decided to do a little extra good this Christmas and donate all royalties earned in December from my Kindle book, Bad Cat Chris, to the shelter where I found Chris. It is a no-kill shelter located near Myrtle Beach, South Carolina called Sav-R-Cats.

I was inspired by Gwen Cooper, author of Homer’s odyssey. When her new book, Love Saves the Day, came out in paperback, she donated 200% of the royalties earned for a specific time to Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary, Inc. I’m not sure I can afford 200% right after Christmas but I can surely give 100% to the shelter that gave Chris the opportunity to find a loving home.

The book sells for only $2.99 and my royalty for each book sold is about $2.07, in most cases. Any help that you can give, by either buying the book or spreading the word, will be appreciated by myself and by the kitties that you help.

Please note: The links in this article are for If you live outside the United States, you may need to look for it on your country’s Amazon site.

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10 thoughts on “December Royalties to Chris’s Shelter

      1. fozziemum

        I don’t vol anymore because it did my head in..not the shelter they were fab and they have the boarding facilities we still use for the dogs and cats, but the things people do to all animals…needed to walk away for can’t help when you get too emotional..i will do it again though I miss the fosters ..even the three hourly bottle bubs…;)

              1. fozziemum

                It’s all you can do..sadly the bad haunted my sleep so still waiting to get my head space better in regards to going back….maybe one day the world will be a different place.


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