Who Needs Room?

Bad Cat Chris on bathroom counter.Not long after we adopted Puck I mentioned in a post that he had taken over Chris’s routine of hanging out with Rose in the bathroom while she got ready for work. In a recent post, I said that Chris regained that position after we moved into our new place.

Now, every morning, Chris is on the counter while Rose is putting he make-up on. Our last bathroom had plenty of counter space but this one does not, and Rose is constantly trying to get Chris to lie on the other side of the sink where there is more room. That, of course, is a fruitless effort so every morning I hear the call, “Chuck, come get your cat!”

I try, but there is no way I can reach him where he is so Rose pushes him down which only causes more disruption when he jumps back up and tries to get back into his spot. Eventually Rose gives into the fact that she has an unwanted guest that won’t leave.

I think it is both cute and funny, but don’t tell Rose I said that.

Bad Cat Chris on bathroom counter.

6 thoughts on “Who Needs Room?

  1. colleen

    Of course, he IS just SOOOO cute and funny !!! i think he is just trying to perhaps
    teach her some tolerance..??? 🙂

  2. pilch92

    Sounds like here, when a cat is naughty it is always “your cat”. Thank you for the kind words you left for me on the passing of Stinky.


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