Chris’s Springboard

Chris has slowed down a bit since I originally posted this but he still loves getting on my shoulders. He rarely uses me as a springboard anymore because there aren’t as many high places he can get to in our new home.

Bad Cat Chris

I mentioned before that Chris likes to get on my shoulders, although my profile picture probably makes that obvious. He does not always want to be there but there are certain times where he will climb up my leg and beg to be picked up. Other times he will jump on the counter and then onto my shoulders. Sometimes he jumps on me when I am not expecting it.

As much as he likes being on my shoulders, there are times when he just wants to use me as a springboard to reach a higher place. He can be like Ricochet Rabbit sometimes. From the floor to the counter to my shoulders and then to the top of the cabinets. Ping, ping, ping! It is these times where he not only surprises me but also digs his claws in me and leaves a mark like I was bitten by a…

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4 thoughts on “Chris’s Springboard

  1. onespoiledcat

    Sammy used to ask me to pick him up when we were outside on our morning “in the dark” walks………we have big Leyland cypress trees on both sides of the yard and he wanted to get UP on my shoulders so he would be closer to the birds! I guess part of our job as their human slaves is helping them access the areas they can’t get to otherwise……….


    1. Charles Huss Post author

      I think it’s funny that a cat will “ask” to be picked up. They are much closer to their wild ancestors than dogs are yet they are distinctly different in how they like to be spoiled by humans.


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