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Bunnies, Bunnies Everywhere

bunny rabbitOur new neighborhood is loaded with bunny rabbits. They tend to stay hidden during the day and come out to eat later in the afternoon and evening. Since we have moved here, we have seen them every day not far from our driveway. For some reason, they never seemed to show upĀ on the other side of the house where our enclosed Florida room is. That is the room where the cats love to hang out because it is all windows on three sides.

That changed the other day when a small, adolescent bunny showed up just under one of the windows on the patio. Puck was the first to notice and he went crazy.

Our cat Puck looking out window

Young bunny rabbit


That was three days ago and we haven’t seen them since on that side of the house. I hope in the future the cats will see these bunnies more often.