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The Unknown Escape

Thursday, when the mailman came, Rose went outside to get the mail and noticed Frankie was on top of my truck. She did not even know Frankie escaped. The mailman recognized Frankie. He knows Frankie by name because of all the times Frankie has escaped while going out to get the mail. A package arrived earlier that day and she thinks he might have slipped past her when she went to get the package, but he did so without her even noticing.

I rode my electric scooter to work that day and did not get in my truck until Friday when I went to the SPCA. That’s when I noticed the paw prints.

You can see on the left where he climbed up to the roof and on the right where he slid down.

Frankie has a passion for going outside that just can’t be quenched.

Paw Prints

When one has cats there are certain sacrifices that must be made. For example, we have a nice coffee table that doubles as a display case but we have to keep it covered or this happens:

Cat paw prints on our coffee table.

As I write this it occurs to me that I took this photo during the summer, which is our rainy season here in Florida. The cats would go out on our screened patio, get their feet wet and then come inside and climb over our furniture. Perhaps I will take the cover off and see what happens.

Update: I took the cover off and now have paw prints everywhere. It appears I was wrong. Imagine that.