Paw Prints

When one has cats there are certain sacrifices that must be made. For example, we have a nice coffee table that doubles as a display case but we have to keep it covered or this happens:

Cat paw prints on our coffee table.

As I write this it occurs to me that I took this photo during the summer, which is our rainy season here in Florida. The cats would go out on our screened patio, get their feet wet and then come inside and climb over our furniture. Perhaps I will take the cover off and see what happens.

Update: I took the cover off and now have paw prints everywhere. It appears I was wrong. Imagine that.

12 thoughts on “Paw Prints

  1. Kitties Blue

    Mom says that is just like her car. Whenever it gets washed, she notices when she gets in the next time that the hood and windows are covered with paw prints. MOL, JO, HO, HO!

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      We have to continually wipe down our kitchen counters because the cats won’t stay off them. We tried to keep Chris off the counters for two years before finally admitting defeat. Puck came into a defeated household where there was no longer a rule about staying off the counter.


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