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Meow From The Inside

Back in January Chris posted a short parody of Adel’s “Hello” song on his Facebook page (see here). I decided to expand on it and rewrite it for Chris (although it could just as easily have been from Frankie). If you are unfamiliar with the song, click here to see it on YouTube.

cats Chris and Frankie looking out window

Meow, it’s your cat
I was wondering if after all these days I could go outside
To eat some grass in the yard
They say that grass is supposed to heal ya
But I ain’t done much healing

Cats Frankie and Chris looking out window
Meow, can you hear me?
I’m at the door dreaming about when I was a kitten
When I was young and free
Before I was caged and sold for an adoption fee
It’s so different being inside
Like outside’s a million miles

cats and open window
Meow from the inside
I must have tried a thousand times
To tell you I don’t want to be stuck inside
But when I meow you never abide

Bad Cat Chris trying to open door
Meow from the Inside
At least you can’t say I didn’t try
To tell you I need you to open the door
I just can’t be inside these four walls anymore

Bad Cat Chris and Puck looking out window

Meow, where are you?
It’s so typical of me to be here by myself I’m sorry
But it’s indoor Hell
If I ever make it out of here I will…
Wait, here you come to let me out
Just in the nick of time

Our cat Frankie picking at the screens
So Meow from the outside
I’m so happy I could purr
And tell you I’m sorry for ever doubting you’d decide
To open the door and let me outside.

Bad Cat Chris outside

Meow from the outside
Persistence pays off if you try
To annoy with every beat of your heart
But don’t give up clearly you’re not an inside cat anymore

Our cats Chris and Frankie Outside.

Meow from the outside
Why’d you leave my food inside?
of all the dumb things that you have done
I’m going to starve here outside

Our cats Chris and Puck behind patio.
Meow from the outside
It’s time to let me back inside
To keep me from starving to death
I promise I won’t bother you again until I do…

Bad Cat Chris with lizard.

What do you think?