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Locked Out of Twitter

I logged onto Twitter today to update the logo for Bad Cat Chris. When I did I noticed a blank birthday field so I decided to put Chris’s birthday, May 14, 2009. That was a mistake. I immediately got a notice that my account was locked because I don’t meet the minimum age requirement.

I was given no option to go back and change the date. What if I accidently chose the wrong year? Or I was writing for a cat? I understand they have to be diligent about keeping minors out but I added the date voluntarily. There was nothing there before. If I added it I should be able to correct it while still logged in. This was like saying hi to my friend Jack while boarding an airplane.

Anyway, I had to send them a copy of my drivers license and wait. They say they are busy and it could be awhile. I also worry about what will happen when they find out my name is not really “Bad Cat Chris.”