Locked Out of Twitter

I logged onto Twitter today to update the logo for Bad Cat Chris. When I did I noticed a blank birthday field so I decided to put Chris’s birthday, May 14, 2009. That was a mistake. I immediately got a notice that my account was locked because I don’t meet the minimum age requirement.

I was given no option to go back and change the date. What if I accidently chose the wrong year? Or I was writing for a cat? I understand they have to be diligent about keeping minors out but I added the date voluntarily. There was nothing there before. If I added it I should be able to correct it while still logged in. This was like saying hi to my friend Jack while boarding an airplane.

Anyway, I had to send them a copy of my drivers license and wait. They say they are busy and it could be awhile. I also worry about what will happen when they find out my name is not really “Bad Cat Chris.”

32 thoughts on “Locked Out of Twitter

  1. caren gittleman

    Please don’t hate me but it IS a little bit funny. I am glad you warned me so that I don’t put Cody’s birthday because he isn’t old enough to use Twitter either!! On a more serious note, I hope they get this sorted out for you quickly, hey at least they are trying to do their job lol. It is rather funny!!!!!

  2. foguth

    Meowser, the mom had similar issues with FB years and years ago, when living overseas…. In her case, it was a typo, and the account was in her name, so she sent a photocopy of her driver’s license, which was legal, but from Panama and for some reason, they wouldn’t accept it. Mom got so peeved with them that she has boycotted FB ever since.
    I hope you have better luck

  3. kittiesblue

    Misty May and Mau are old enough to have an account. MOL! Mom has no idea if she put a birthdate on her account. If so, they might kick her off for being too old and probably senile. Seriously, we hope this is straightened out quickly, without too much hassle. Good luck. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

  4. onespoiledcat

    Oh I bet that is absolutely MADDENING. I hope they get it straightened out ASAP. We aren’t on Twitter but surely they aren’t SO BUSY they can’t fix this simple issue!

    Hugs, Pam

  5. weggieboy

    That’;s be something like 56 in human equivalent years, so perhaps you could list his birthday as May 14, 1963! I can commiserate on the matter oif FB, though. I periodically get blocked for vague reasons and less specific amounts of time for things that baffle me. I recently got blocked (just on “Message”!) whern I apparently was spamming when I copied something to too many people at once. Since I have no idea why (just this guess), I’ve made a pact never to forward anything anyone posts on my messages again. I get a bit tired of their touch guy BS, especially when I see the most outrageous lies, racist posts, and libelous memes routinely in my timeline. When I report them, mothing happens because they, apparently, are OK by Mark and his minions.

    That said, I decided to set up a separate account for Andy and Dougy, my Persian cats. The intent was to post my blog posts there since they primarily are cat posts. FB allowed it, but assumed I was setting up a commercial site associated with my regular FB account. Gad! But the kitty boys now have their own spot on FB and FB didn’t ask their birthdate, which is July 1, 2011.

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      Facebook should probably warn you the first time. I’m sure a lot of people do things without realizing it. My sister-in-law recently joined Facebook after one of her cats disappeared. Apparently, someone on Facebook reported seeing the cats and she sent her a message to get more information. When that message wasn’t answered she sent her another message, and then another. She was reported for harassment and kicked off Facebook.

      1. weggieboy

        Yep! Sounds like Facebook! I still think they fail more than they succeed in making it a pleasant place to share things. There are so many really ugly people posting (and harrassing others) on FB who don’t seem to get bopped off, yet there are lots more like you sister who accidentally step over some undefined line. I keep thinking I should boycot the damn site! (But it is addfictive.) On the other hand, I got blocked on Twitter because I apparently wanted to follow too many people to fast. Instead of trying to resolve the issue and try again, I decided Twitter (associated with FB, I believe) was a bigger waste of time than FB and left it to Donald Trump and his minions. What gets posted back oin FB shows a mean-spirited, sarcastic place where people say awful things about each other. I dfon’t need it!

        1. Charles Huss Post author

          I use Twitter a little but it would be easier if it didn’t exist. Despite its problems, Facebook does everything that Instagram and Twitter does. It would be easier to just have one thing.

          1. weggieboy

            I agree. I’ve had the Facenbook account since Daily Booth went belly up in 2012. I had an account on Twitter before that but found the format tedious and too restrictive.

  6. Nasim

    Hello Charles,
    Nasim from France, I love your blog re the cats. I think Twitter and Facebook are just adapting to the new regulations put in place by law even if it is discriminatory. As an example I had to just confirm my details for my pension plan + other stuff. I hope it’s not a scam! It’s the EU regulations that have put this in place. In any case Bad Cat Chris is a lovely name and it suits him. Chris, Frankie and Floki will be fine even if you don’t have a Twitter account.

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      Thank you so much. Here in America Companies like Twitter and Facebook are under more and more pressure to censure content. They say it is to stop the spread of misinformation but some think it is to stop the spread of certain information.


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