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Frankie Learns From Chris . . . Again

I have known for a while that cats learn behaviors from other cats. In our house, Chris is always the teacher. Puck and Frankie learned about getting on my shoulders from Chris. Puck learned how to get on top of cabinets from Chris. Frankie learned from Chris that hiding under cars prevents capture. This morning, Frankie learned the lazy way to eat breakfast from Chris.


Lazy Cat Chris

Chris is no longer the adventurous, trouble seeking cat he used to be. Now he just causes trouble whenever he can do so with little to no effort. For example, I noticed recently one of the food bowls is often turned over on its side. I know Chris was doing it but never actually caught him in the act. He has become so lazy that he can’t even stand up to eat his food. He tips the bowl over and eats while lying down.

While I was at work yesterday my wife sent me the following photos from the scene of the crime, where the culprit was caught on camera.

I guess I need to put up a sign that says, “No tipping, please.”