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The Biting Continues

When Chris was a kitten, we had a big problem trying to sleep because when he wasn’t biting our ears or noses he was attacking our feet under the covers. I was hoping very much that this was the kitten in him and he would stop when he matured. He is now four years old and we are still waiting for him to mature.

He did eventually stop biting our feet at night but he still is a nose biter. He especially like to bite my nose for some reason. These last few months I have noticed his biting has been getting worse, not better. He has taken to biting my arms and legs like he is a kitten again. He does not always act that way but he gets into these frisky moods where he feels like he has to bite me.

I caught him in one of thee moods a few months ago and recorded it and then forgot it was on my camera until I noticed it the other day.

Does anyone else have a cat that does this? I’m just curious how common this behavior is.