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The Cats and the Contractors

Today I had the day off from work and we had two contractors scheduled for the same time. The plumber arrived first and all three cats were on the patio at the same time so I just slipped the cover on the cat door so they couldn’t come inside. Chris was actually the good cat this time while Frankie and Puck were desperate to come inside.

I was a little surprised Puck was desperate to get inside a house with a stranger in it but I understood that under the bed was where he was comfortable riding out the “stranger” storm. Of course, getting to the bed meant going right past the big, bad plumber.¬†Frankie didn’t surprise me. He is a pain when he wants to go out and a pain when he wants to come in.

I thought the desperation in both cats was worth getting on video so I quickly opened the slider, stepped out and closed it again. Unfortunately I wasn’t fast enough and Puck slipped past me and into the house, bumping his head on the door as he went in. I felt bad about that but it didn’t slow him down in his effort to get UTB.

I did manage to capture Frankie’s desperate attempt to get in the house while Chris lied on the ground and watched his craziness.

Our cat Frankie

Our cat Chris

Our cat Frankie

As soon as the plumber left I let them back in the house. Five minutes later, two guys showed up to replace our living room window, which the lawn guy chipped several months ago. Puck was still under the bed so I picked up Chris and Frankie and put them in the bedroom and shut the door. After about fifteen minutes of loud banging, they were done and life was back to normal.

What do you do with your pets when a stranger comes to your house?