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Wake Up Call Gets Earlier as Daylight Saving’s Time Ends

Chris used to wake us up every morning at 4:00 a.m (see Four O’clock Chris) but eventually that changed to 5:00 a.m. It didn’t occur to me at first but Chris’s time didn’t change, ours did. That is why I somewhat dreaded the return of standard time.

Last night Chris started playing under the sheets as we were getting ready to go to bed. We decided not to lock him out and give him a chance to prove that he could stop being a bad cat for one night and sleep on our bed without being a huge pain in the you know what.

Surprisingly, he was pretty good for a while. He lied across my chest with his back feet on my pillow for 30 minutes without bothering me. Unfortunately I couldn’t sleep like that because his breathing was very fast and loud and his heart was racing faster than Carl Lewis, despite the fact that he was sleeping, or at least trying to sleep.

I changed position which then started the biting and treading on my face and neck. I tried for several minutes to get him to stop but in the end I had to get up and put him out. I then locked the door and went to sleep.

I slept until 4 a.m. when Chris jumped on our bed and woke me up. How does he do that? I checked the door and it was open but still locked. Perhaps he used a credit card. No… That’s silly. He’s a cat. Who would issue him credit?