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Did You Do This?


Last weekend we traveled to a far away store where Rose bought a new shirt, among other things, that she really likes. After wearing it once she washed it and hung it from the bedroom door knob. When we went to bed that night and closed the door, the shirt was unwittingly left hanging from Chris’s side of the door. You can see where this is going, can’t you?

Bad cat Chris confronted for the shirt he ruinedAbout thirty minutes after our five o’clock wake up call from Chris, who stands outside the door crying and scratching on the door, Rose discovered that her new shirt had several holes clawed into it. She confronted Chris, who was lying on the bed in the spare bedroom and said in a loud voice, “Who did this?” “Did you do this?”

That’s when Chris started rolling back and forth on the bed, showing her his belly and talking to her. It was as if he was saying, “Look at how cute I am. Forget about that shirt and check out my cuteness.”

20140621_Chris and Puck_063

It worked. Chris played it exactly right and got off scot-free.