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Top Cat Chris

Chris disturbs Abbey’s nap.

When we first got abbey, we soon pinned a nickname on her, “The Topper”, because she would poop and not bury it. She would just leave it on top for everyone to see…and smell. Chris could also be considered a topper because he is always plopping himself down on top of someone, or something. As I write this he just went from bothering me and plopped himself on Abbey who is graciously licking his ears. (Can you tell I am trying to avoid the lay, lie, laid. lain dilemma?)

Chris napping on Tigger

We feel bad for Chris sometimes because he is like the kid that nobody wants to play with…or nap with. Sometimes we think about getting another hyperactive cat that he can be friends with. That could work or it could be the stupidest idea since New Coke.

Abbey annoyed with Chris.

Chris’s obsession with being on top doesn’t stop with the other cats. As I mentioned before, he is always on my shoulders, especially right after I get out of the shower. He stands on top of the counter waiting for me. This really makes it hard to dry up, brush my teeth, shave, etc.

He also lies on Rose and I while we watch tv. He’s on me for a couple of minutes, then he moves to Rose, then to me, then off to who knows where and soon the cycle starts over again.

Chris on top of Tigger & next to Alex.

Then there’s the cabinets. He jumps on the counters, then the refrigerator, then to the top of the cabinets. Sometimes he jumps across to the cabinets on the other wall. He likes to lie up there and roll around. I always feared he would roll off and fall.

Chris on China Cabinet

He also gets on top the China cabinet. He jumps from Rose’s living room chair to the fireplace mantle and then to the top of the Cabinet. After she decorated the mantle with breakable items and put other decorations on the China cabinet, we assumed he could not get up there so he would quit trying. Wrong! He jumps up there like Ricochet Rabbit without disturbing any of the decorations.

He also gets on top of Rose’s curio cabinet. That is six and a half feet tall and too far from anything to jump from. She also has wooden boxes along the top that he almost never disturbs. It was a mystery how he got up there until I saw him out of the corner of my eye. He stands on the bathroom counter and jumps through the doorway. It’s a long jump and I am worried he will bring the cabinet down on top of him someday. Fortunately he seems to have lost interest lately.
Bad Cat Chris on Curio Cabinet

The Anti Chris

Flash – RIP

Sadly, in April of 2010, we lost Flash at barely five years old. He had succumb to multiple health problems that caused him to stop eating. We might have caught the problem earlier but Flash has always had periods where he would act weird and hide for a week or two before returning to his normal behavior, which was slightly less weird. We noticed his weight loss on a Friday and arranged to bring him to the vet when they opened Monday morning. By then there was nothing that could be done.


I don’t remember exactly when or why, but close to the same time that we lost a cat, we gained a cat. Our oldest cat Princess, who was living with Rose’s son, was returned to us. This brought the cat count back up to five. Chris, who was used to dominating the other cats, was now presented with a cat who, for some strange reason, was untouchable. Chris would basically avoid her like a telemarketer as he continued on to more easy prey…like Tigger or Abbey.

Princess was easy to understand though. She was a spoiled bitch who hated everyone but people and wanted nothing to do with other cats. I think Chris understood this right away, or perhaps princess stood up to him and showed him that she was not the cat to bully.


Abbey, however, was complicated. She was very shy and alway ate her wet food or kitty treats away from the other cats. This is because Chris or Tigger would eat theirs fast and then eat Abbey’s food. When that happened Abbey would walk away and then come back when every one was finished, hoping for some leftovers.

Princess hated abbey and would hiss and growl every time Abbey was near, but shy, timid Abbey would stand her ground around Princess. I think sometimes she would move in closer because she knew Princess hated it and then look around like nothing was happening. Chris played it safe, for a change, and stayed away.

Everybody Loves Chris

Chris has always had a way of endearing himself to people. Perhaps this is because those people do not live with him. It is like the grandparents who are happy to play with the grandkids and equally happy to give them back to the parents just before they get tired and cranky. Equally like grandparents, when we say they can take Chris home, they always refuse. I think if we want to give him away we have to stop telling people about his bad side.

Of course, we would never give him away because he has endeared himself to us just like he does to everyone else. We also know that nobody but us could handle him for more than a few days.

Chris is not a shy cat and will always introduce himself to new people. Sometimes he will follow them around like a puppy dog. This is especially true when someone comes in when we are not home. A guard cat he is not!

Shortly after we adopted Chris we had a leaky faucet that needed to be repaired. Since Rose was the manager there, she sent one of her maintenance techs to fix it. He later reported that Chris was with him the entire time. He even climbed on top of him when he was under the sink trying to work.

You would think people would be annoyed at that kind of behavior but I think it is so unusual that people can’t help but be amused.

I’ll play nice with the baby only until it’s my turn.

What’s in a Name?

Chris was the fifth cat that we got from a shelter. The first four came to us with names we didn’t like so we changed them. We waited until we knew their personalities and then named them appropriately.

Alex and Abbey were originally Sloan and Stirling. They seemed rather calm and refined so we thought Alexander and Abigail would fit them.

Then there was Ernie and Dooley. What? Those had to go. Ernie became Tigger because he was always bouncing from place to place. Dooley became Flash because when you tried to pet him he was gone in a flash.

Chris is a fine name for a person, I named my son Chris, but it seems odd for a cat. We decided to change it. We went back and forth on several options and finally after a month we decided on Rudy, because he is so rude.

Somehow that just didn’t stick because we were just used to calling him Chris by then. Rose did come up with a nickname for him: Bratboy. Strangely we call him that when he is being good. Mostly we are yelling, “Chris! Stop that!

Chris resting after investigating box.

Everythig is okay here. Now you can put up the Christmas decorations.


This is the story of Bad Cat Chris. That’s more his description than his name, but you get the idea. Normally I would not dream of writing a blog about a pet cat but Chris is not like any other cat that I, or anyone else who has met him, has ever seen. Everything about Chris is extreme. He is extremely friendly, affectionate and funny, heavy on the funny. Of course, there is a bad side and his is extremely bad.  I’m not talking about an evil bad, he is more like a problem child.

Chris was adopted and we don’t know his exact age but he is approximately three years old, perhaps as much as three and a half. His mental age, on the other hand, is about three months. He is a kitten that has never grown up.

My plan for this blog is to start out describing the early days, what led us to adopting him, the difficulties we had and what has changed. Eventually I want to catch up to the present day and talk about the daily struggles and rewards of taking care of a “Bad Cat.” I hope you’ll join me for more stories.

Chris and Chuck

This is Chris on my shoulders, doing what he has done since the day we met.