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Chris doesn’t always win. Sometimes I am smarter than he is. When he started knocking over his food bowl, I started keeping the end bowl mostly empty but then he would go to a lot of trouble to knock over all the bowls, which seemed illogical because he started doing it because he was too lazy to stand up.

I decided to buy another pair of bowls on a wooden stand so now he has to eat standing up again.

Check and mate!


Chris’s New Bad Habit

I mentioned before that Chris started knocking his bowl over because he was too lazy to get up and eat standing up. It was limited to the Bowl on the end so I started keeping very little food in that bowl. Of course, as usual, whenever we compensate for one of Chris’s bad behaviors he compensates for our compensation.

My wife sometimes doesn’t sleep well and gets up for a couple of hours in the middle of the night. She was up very early this morning and came back to bed when I got up. When I walked out to the dining room I saw all three cat bowls sitting on the table and a bunch of cat food on the floor inside the catch-all mat. I picked up the mat and dumped all of the food back into one of the bowls and put it back down on the floor.

A little bit later I looked down and saw this.

Rose told me later than he had dumped over all three of the bowls. We now need to compensate for his compensation of our compensation. Perhaps I will look for those bowls on a raised wooden block like we had before.

The Food Bowl Delema

Several years ago I bought a set of cat bowls with a wooden riser. I found that the cats seem to like their bowls up off the floor a little bit. Unfortunately, while we were cleaning today, my wife accidentally dropped one of the bowls and broke it.

So I went out after we cleaned the house to look for another bowl set with the riser. I checked PetSmart and TJ Maxx. Both stores have them but all of them were either too big or the bowls were too narrow and deep. Cats like bowls that are wide and shallow. I did find a couple of bowls like that at TJ Maxx so I bought them, assuming they would fit in the riser that I already have. They didn’t.

It was close though. The bowl that I tried stayed put for about five seconds before dropping through the hole. It was that close. My wife said I should just put the bowls on the ground but I didn’t want to do that. I’m sure I spoil our cats but why have cats if you don’t want to spoil them?

I tried to think of things I could do to make the hole smaller or the bowls wider. After a little bit of thought the solution came to me. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it first. I just turned the riser upside down.

I will still keep an eye out for another bowl set, but until then, I will use what I have. If anyone knows where I can get a good bowl set made for cats, please let me know.