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Our New Cat Bowls

As mentioned in a previous post, my wife broke one of our cat bowls. The new bowls I bought didn’t fit in the stand and turning the stand upside down was not the genius move I thought it was because the bowls slid off too easy.

I looked through the bowls on Amazon and found a two-bowl set that looked like a great replacement. (Keep in mind that the above link is an affiliate link so if you make a purchase I will finally be able to buy that beach house in Hawaii that I always wanted.)

The bowls look similar to Floki’s bowl.

Floki has his own bowl but it really is every cat for himself. I sometimes put Floki’s bowl on the table so Chris won’t make a pig out of himself and eat all the dry food. I have to stop doing that, though, because it annoys my wife.

As soon as I put food in the new bowls, Frankie and Chris were there eating it. I want to say they liked their new bowls but I’m sure if I put food in a garbage can lid it wouldn’t matter.

The new bowls have a tilt to them. I wasn’t sure what the tilt was for until I read the description: “Tilt Angle Design – Keeps food piled nicely or falls to the center, prevent cat food from pushing off the bowl and keep the eating environment clean.” I’m sure this was written by someone who has been studying English for well over a week. In any case, I got the idea. It is designed to keep food in the center and it seems to work. Check out the difference between Floki’s bowl and the two tilted ones after the cats were done eating.

I don’t know how this would work for wet food. I have a different set of bowls for their wet food.

These bowls are good in some ways because they are wide and shallow, which cats like, and there is a silicone outer layer to catch dropped food. The main problem with them is the food tends to get pushed against the edge where it is harder to eat. There is always food left behind so I collect the bowls and then combine the food into the center of one of them. Usually, Frankie will come back later to finish it.

So what do you think? Does anyone else have tilted bowls?

Photo Friday: Who Moved My Bowl?

The weather here has finally started to cool down so recently, Rose and I decided to eat dinner on the patio. To make room on the table, we set Frankie’s bowl on the floor while we ate.

Frankie just didn’t know what to think about that. He climbed inside the bowl and just sat there, like he didn’t know what to do next. Eventually he decided it just wasn’t the same way down on the floor so he got out and went into the house.

Our cat Frankie