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What is A Hero?

A hero does not have to wear a mask and cape or be a firefighter or soldier. According to Google, a hero is “a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.” I was thinking about that on Thursday when I was volunteering at the SPCA.

I had recently changed jobs and moved into a cat counselor position because the 4-7 shift on Thursdays opened up. Previously, I worked on Mondays or Tuesdays when the shelter was closed but now I have the opportunity to interact with people who are looking to adopt. While I was there, a couple adopted a cat that was about ten years old. I told one of the other volunteers that I thought people who adopt older cats are heroes in my book because they could just as easily adopt a kitten, or young cat, that would be with them for many more years but instead they choose to give a cat (or dog) a loving home to live out their remaining life. That is an attitude that I admire greatly and said that I would love to do that but it is hard because we are already over our one pet limit.

That got us talking about an eleven year old cat named Jezebel that was at the shelter but in a cage by herself instead of in a pod with other cats.

I opened the cage and started petting her and she loved it. She was starving for attention and just seemed so sweet. I looked at her chart which said that she had been there since October 23rd. That was almost four months stuck in a small cage by herself. I asked if anyone knew why she was isolated from other cats but nobody knew for sure. Her chart said she was aggressive with another cat which was why she was surrendered.

I thought maybe it was just one cat that she was aggressive toward and maybe that particular cat was the problem and not her. “Did anyone try to put her in a pod with other cats before isolating her?” I asked.

Nobody knew so I went to the adoption office and asked them but they did not have specific records and it sounded like they just assumed she was an aggressive cat and stuck her in a box by herself. I feel bad for her and part of me wants to go back and adopt her but another part of me worries that we might be bringing trouble into our home.

What do you think? Any advice for me?

Update: My wife and I went to see Jezebel Saturday afternoon. She let me hold her for a long time while I listened to an employee tell me that she was the aggressor. I decided to put her to the test and walked over to a cage with a cat that wasn’t sleeping. The two cats sniffed each other for a few seconds and then Jesebel let loose with a few rapid-fire whaps at the unsuspecting kitty. That pretty much ended her chance of coming home with us which is really too bad because she is such a friendly cat otherwise.

Misplaced Aggression

Normally, all the cats get shut out of our bedroom at night because Chris goes through periods where he will not stop biting my nose or digging his claws into my face and neck. Usually this happens early in the night or around 4 a.m. or both. I often think that I can pick him up and put him closer to the foot of the bed where one or more other cats are┬áresting peacefully. That works for about ten seconds and then he’s back. So now all the cats are deprived of our bed for the actions of one.

I do break this rule occasionally, like last week when my wife went on a business trip for a few days. Chris annoyed me every night but I only was pushed too far one night when I had to kick everyone out and close the door. They all had to leave because there is no litter box in the room.

I don’t remember if this was the indecent that caused their removal but one night while Chris was being especially annoying, I had my arm between me and Chris to try to block the poking and biting. That is when Floki decided to play with Chris’s tail. This always upsets Chris and he started growling and kicking me with his back feet like I was the one fighting with his tail. At one point he really got angry and scratched me pretty good, or would that be “pretty bad?”

scratch from bad cat chris

I think I need to find Kevlar pajamas for next time I leave my door open at night.